Author: Emily Clifton

Tomato, Red Onion and Basil Sandwich

I think I might be a tomato snob. I mean, I’m not one of those people who goes to a farmers market and knows the name of every heirloom variety in existence (overheard at the Cold Spring market “They only have...

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Zucchini Fritters with Lemon Basil Sour Cream

I think zucchini get a bad rap. At our local farmers market, the corn and tomatoes are total attention whores and poor little zucchini are waiting in the background for someone to notice that they’re sweet too. If only...

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Cold Cucumber Cocktails, perfect for summer.

Arya’s favorite food (other than dirty napkins stolen out of the garbage) is cucumbers. She goes bonkers for them. I mean she’ll eat pretty much anything that is, was or came near food, but she loves┬ácucumbers. While...

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