Author: Matt Clifton

Moving from Jetpack Subscription to Mailchimp

A year or so ago, we were experimenting with recipe plugins. This is a whole article (or series) in itself, so I don’t want to bog this post down too much with detail, but essentially we were planning to switch to a plugin which used custom post types for each article and associated recipe. At the time, we were using Jetpack Subscription to email out post excerpts to our blog subscribers, and unfortunately, custom post types weren’t (and still aren’t) supported by Jetpack. So we decided to move to a subscription method that would give us more flexibility. I’d...

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Classic British Pork Pies

Your classic British cold pork lunch pie – seasoned pork and aspic in a firm and thoroughly tasty hot water crust pastry. It’s a process befitting a Tudor kitchen, but making these Melton Mowbray-style pork pies is way easier – and more fun! – than you might expect.

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