Cork and Knife

Our new cookbook is out now — and its focus is one of our favorite ingredients: booze! We show you how to use the cooking properties of beer, wine, bourbon and more to make your dishes pop!

Bourbon Honey Ribs

You don’t have to be a grill master to make perfect bourbon honey ribs because there is an easy, no-fuss technique that works every single time. And our homemade BBQ sauce will knock your oven-mitts off. It’s sweet, spicy and you’re going to want to slather it on everything! 

(While we’re catching up on some site administration behind the scenes – and recovering from exhausting winter colds – we decided this recipe from a few years back would be a great fit for any upcoming sporty-type television events. This was originally posted as a summer recipe, but since these ribs get cooked in your oven, you can make them every damn month of the year, rain or shine.)

Back when I was just a wee sprout gazing through my window at New York City, I often wondered what life would be like if I lived in a house instead of an apartment. What it would be like to stand outside on a patch of earth and say “mine!” and know it was true.

Well, it took me a very long time to get there but I finally got my little patch. The fact that it’s a hilly, weedy little patch covered with poison ivy and crab grass doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm one bit. Okay, maybe a little bit, but just you wait, in twenty or thirty years this yard will be … a tiny bit nicer (we work slowly).

One thing I’ve discovered since living in a house: standing on a deck with a cocktail in hand whilst some form of meat sizzles on a grill is one of life’s pleasures. Another thing I’ve discovered: it is nearly impossible to make meltingly tender ribs on a grill unless you are a grill master. (We are not even Grill Journeymen.)

Bourbon Honey Glazed Ribs

This Spicy Bourbon-Honey BBQ Sauce is so good, I want it on everything.